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The Trog Evolution is a collection of 10,000 digital assets that serve a purpose beyond just being art. This collection is a blend of blockchain technology, art, and philanthropy. Renowned artist LurkLovesYou, known for his distinct style and captivating visuals, created the artwork.

Proceeds from the sales of these NFTs will be utilized to construct a children's center with supplementary education in Sierra Leone, West Africa, with the goal of promoting positive change in the world by investing in education and supporting children and young people in different communities. The Trog Evolution NFT collection is designed to appeal to art enthusiasts and individuals interested in making a difference. Whether you are an investor, an art aficionado, or someone who wants to contribute to a good cause, there is something for everyone in the Trog Evolution NFT collection.



1. Trog Evolution collection launch - Q3

2. Troglodyte SOCIETY NFTS companion Dire Wolves - free companion NFT for OG Trogs

3. Trog Evolved Companion evolved dire wolves - free companion NFT for TrogEvolution HOLDERS

4. A war is coming - pick a side

5. Red carpet event - in celebration of the center being completed

6. The opening of TROGLODYTE SOCIETY Children's Center

7. Trogs to Africa - center open to members

8. Trogs evolution Avatar in the Pikamoon game

9. Trog Comic Book

​10. Bahamas - Welcome to the Bahamas

The purpose of this whitepaper is to provide an overview of the Trog Evolution NFT collection, its design, roadmap, and future plans. Additionally, we will explain how this collection serves not only as a work of art but also as a platform for promoting positive change and community building. When you invest in the Trog Evolution NFT collection, you are not only acquiring a valuable and one-of-a-kind asset but also contributing to improving the lives of children in Sierra Leone. We hope that this whitepaper motivates you to join us in this admirable cause and become part of this thrilling venture.


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