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"Bringing children a better tomorrow today"



Troglodyte Society NFTs are a collection of 10,000 unique digital art images that were created to help fund the creation of the TS Foundation. The goal is to help build a drop-in youth center with supplementary education for young people in Sierra Leone. It will also assist in generating employment opportunities for these underprivileged young people. Your purchase goes directly towards the building and day to day running of the TS Foundation. 



The idea of the Troglodytes came during the pandemic when the world shut down and life as we knew it had completely changed for everyone. People were left feeling like hermits, stuck at home with no physical connection to the outside world. The best way to past the time was to host virtual parties with family and friends over different platforms like Skype and Zoom, hence the slogan "Join the Cave Rave!". 


Troglodytes, also known as cave dwellers, are humans who inhabit caves within overhanging rocks of a cliff. In prehistoric times, a small portion of humans lived as troglodytes. As time passed, society recognised troglodytes as cavemen. It is believed that humans inhabited caves in places like China, South Africa and parts of Europe. The dark interior of some caves have been used for ceremonies and rituals.

TS Purchase Price

1st Wave
0-800: 1 Matic (Sold Out On Opensea)

2nd Wave:
801-2500: 3 Matic (SOLD OUT)

3rd Wave:
2501-3255: 5 Matics (SOLD OUT)

4th Wave:

3256-5000: 10 Matics (LIVE)

5th Wave:

5001-10000: 20 Matics 


Buyers of Troglodyte Society NFT's will be airdropped a digital copy of Trogs Adventure comic book NFT. VIP Trog holders (50 or more Trogs) will receive a physical copy of the Trogs Adventures comic.



White Paper


15% -  NFT Giveaway

At 15%, we will host a giveaway of 15 NFT's to community members to say THANK YOU for the support.

25% -  NFT Giveaway

Once sales are at 25%, we will giveaway 25 Troglodyte Society NFT digital art images to 25 of our community members.

50% - NFT Giveaway

Once 50% of Troglodyte Society NFTs are sold, we will host a Community exclusive raffle where there will be 50 Troglodyte Society NFTs to be won.

75% -  Merch Store & Giveaway

With 75% sale, we will be launching our merch store. Of course, we will also be giving away some GOODIES with this launch to our Community.

100% -  Live Troglodyte Society Party/Charitable Work

At 100% sale, we will host a party to celebrate 100% sales and to thank our society for their support. Our CAVE RAVE will be live streamed via our social media platforms. 

Troglodyte Society, at its core, is a project designed to uplift impoverished communities around the world and is going to be heavily involved in charitable works globally. 


The first undertaking is going to be building a youth center with supplementary education in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Troglodyte Society has chosen the area of education as our primary focal point because education is key to reducing poverty. It's through education and the cultivation of the mind that innovation arises. Troglodyte Society, will transfer 100% of profits raised from sales towards TS Foundation which will help hundreds if not thousands of young people. 

Buyers of Troglodyte Society NFTs can receive letters/emails from young people/families as part of a thank you for your support. TS investors also have access to TSFI private discord channels where we will post updates and videos of the events.


Once a part of TS, you will be able to see the different progress stages of the youth center being built. You can also be involved if you wish to. You can monitor the progress via TS social media platforms.

For more information on this project, see the Troglodyte Society Foundation section




Creator and Coordinator

Co-Creator Developer/Marketing


Stario J.
Operations Manager








What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token which is a fancy word for saying it is a one of a kind, special digital item that persons can buy to own or trade. The main function of NFTs is to own something that cannot be copied by anyone and it is digital art that is cool and modern. Some NFTs offer access to websites or the ability to participate in events.

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a crypto wallet that will house your Ethereum, and is needed to purchase and mint your Troglodyte. When you obtain a wallet, you will receive an Ethereum address (e.g. 0xABCD….1234), this is where your NFT will be kept. You can learn more about Metamask and how easy it is to use on the website à (

Where does my NFT go after I purchase a Troglodyte?

Your Troglodyte will show up in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase the NFT art. You can see your Troglodyte here from our website, by clicking “Join the Cave Rave”, or view them on Opensea at 

How do I get involved?

Head over to our Twitter and Discord to get in on the conversation and let us know your ideas!

            How does minting work?

Minting can be done through our minting app here. Once a user connects their Metamask wallet to the minting page and make the purchase of our Troglodyte Society NFT, they will be able to view their NFT by connecting the same Metamask wallet to

What can I do with my Troglodyte?

You can use your NFT as a PFP. Your NFT can also be traded or flipped on the Opensea secondary market if your wish. However, you are not allowed to use the image to recreate the NFT for the lifetime of the collection. As an owner of Troglodyte Society NFT, you have a royalty-free license that permits you to use, display or copy the art your purchased alone with any extensions you may choose to create or use for the sole purpose of your own personal, non-commercial use.

Are Troglodytes a good investment?

Ultimately, that decision is yours to make. We believe Troglodytes have a long life ahead of them, and will be an ever growing and evolving project and society. However the success of Troglodytes rely on many factors and variables. Hopefully Troglodytes continues to have a long and prosperous road ahead with loads of musical rituals and sacred raves/celebrations but like anything in life, don’t spend money you can’t afford to not have.


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